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Trees and green spaces make communities healthier and more livable in many ways. But they can be easy to take for granted, particularly in a town as beautiful as ours.

Trees for Missoula is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help keep that from happening. We are educators, advocates and stewards who strongly support and promote a larger, healthier urban forest for Missoula.
We do this a few different ways:

  • We support the city’s Urban Forestry Division, the good people who care for Missoula’s trees, by helping with the Missoula Urban Tree Census, advocating for funding to plant and maintain trees and volunteering to care for public trees.
  • We educate Missoula residents about the value and benefits of our urban trees — public and private — and the roles we all play in keeping those trees healthy.
  • We promote the proper planting and care of trees by private citizens on their own properties in town.

By doing this we are improving the city’s environment, building community and connecting Missoulians with the natural world and each other.

For more information on how to join Trees for Missoula, contact or click on the Volunteer link below and sign up to help. Trees for Missoula is not an advisory board; it is not expected to shape policy, provide technical expertise or advise the city government regarding community forestry activities and programs.

P.O. Box 18280, Missoula, MT 59808 © 2018 Trees For Missoula. All rights reserved.

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