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Care For Public Trees

The city of Missoula maintains an active professional Urban Forestry Division that works to maintain and grow a healthy urban forest for Missoula. City foresters prune, plant and treat trees and remove hazards — all with the goal to improve the overall condition of Missoula’s urban forest. All with the goal to improve the quality of life in Missoula.

“Urban forest?” See the trees lining our streets and alleys, in our parks, along river corridors, in backyards and front yards, throughout cemeteries, and, dotting plazas and parking lots. In 1991, Missoula established a comprehensive tree care program that provides full service to the community’s urban forest. And yes, our city foresters since 2008 have been working to mitigate and protect our trees against Mountain Pine Beetle infestation.

You can find the city’s Urban Forest Division online here.

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