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Beauty is just one of the benefits you’ll find in a healthy city forest. Trees help to scrub the air of pollution. They keep our homes and communities cooler. They even reduce stormwater runoff. In fact, look at what just one tree does in its 50-year lifespan.

What’s one tree worth?

Here Are Three More Things You Should Know About Trees.

1. TREES ARE COOL:Really, literally cool. Asphalt and concrete streets and parking lots turn up the heat. But the shade from trees that cover our streets, homes and yards helps to reduce energy bills. In fact, a properly shaded home can save up to 35 percent on energy.

2. TREES ATTRACT THE GREEN:And we’re not talking leaves. Beautiful well-kept trees and landscapes increase individual property values. They entice people to walk downtowns and visit stores. They become gathering places for money-generating events.

3. TREES SPROUT CONVERSATION:Studies show that trees create more walkable communities where people feel safe and calm. They promote better relations with neighbors and tend to be social gathering areas. That’s why the person with the best yard is always hosting BBQs!
Want to learn more about growing trees and urban forests, check out these great resources:

Alliance for Community Trees: Benefits of Trees (PDF)

University of Georgia School of Forest Resources

U.S. Forest Service

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